We don’t usually think about smiling or laughing because they happen spontaneously. However, they do make us feel better—and, studies proceed to show us their many benefits.

Smiling Evokes Trust

A study recently in the Journal of Economic Psychology tells us that people are 10% more willing to trust someone who smiles confidently.

Smiling Could Increase Your Net Worth

Some economists say that smiles may have actual, monetary value! A recent study found that waitresses who smile earn more tips – and this translates to many service-based careers.

Smiling Makes you Happy!

Smiling reduces distressing emotions! Equally important, grinning and laughing can calm and comfort the people around us as well. So, if you’re feeling down or you’re trying to comfort a friend, pep yourself up with a smile.

Smiling Makes You Look Younger!

Smiling makes you look younger and more attractive. Recent polls had users guess the ages of people in pictures. People who were smiling were assumed to be younger than the counterpart images of the same people, without the smiles.

Let’s Get You Smiling And Laughing More!

As your lifelong dental partner, we’re concerned about your overall health as much as your dental health. Some people don’t reap all the benefits of smiling and laughing because they’re self-conscious about their teeth. If you’re concerned about your smile, feel free to contact us so that we can help.

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