Medical tourism is a popular phrase for travelling abroad to seek specialized or more-affordable care. South Africa, Cape Town in particular, is a popular destination for medical tourists. Patients from all over the world are opting to have their dental and medical procedures performed here to get the best possible treatment while also taking a leisurely vacation.

Cape Town is a favourite destination for most. The affluent town has a Mediterranean-like climate, and an abundance of amenities, celebrated locations, gorgeous hotels, and shopping centres located near well-known medical institutions. In addition, patients who travel to the city also benefit from the high, international medical standards practised in the country.

What to Expect on Your Dental Holiday in Cape Town

Our practice has provided top-notch cosmetic dentistry in Cape Town for decades now. Through years of service, we have also gained a lot of experience in treating patients from outside the state and the country. At HBDS, patients can be sure that they will receive treatments that address their dental problems and consider their practical concerns as tourists in Cape Town.

How to Set Your Dental Vacation in Cape Town

Contact our office before you book a flight so that we may determine the best course of treatment for your needs. After you’ve given us a call, we’ll begin planning your treatment schedule. Many of our treatments can be performed in as little as 2 visits.

In addition to taking care of your schedule, our office can also recommend lodging and transportation for patients visiting from outside Cape Town. We can also recommend great restaurants, tours and entertainment venues so you can thoroughly enjoy your stay.

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