If you have missing teeth that weigh down your confidence, you may want to consider getting dental bridges. Dental bridge procedures offer a solution to missing teeth by filling the empty space with a synthetic tooth that looks and feels much like a natural tooth. 

Benefits of dental bridges:

Restores your smile

Have you ever hidden your smile in a photo because you were embarrassed by your missing teeth? Not to worry, because dental bridges will replace your missing teeth, giving you the confidence to flash that smile. 

Improves chewing

After tooth loss, you may experience discomfort while eating certain foods. Discomfort can also be caused by surrounding teeth shifting to fill the gaps left by the missing teeth. Dental bridges can help alleviate this discomfort.

Improves your speech

Your teeth play a key role in how you form words in your mouth. If you’ve lost multiple teeth, you may have difficulty pronouncing certain words. Dental bridges replace missing teeth, thereby improving speech issues, and giving you more confidence when you speak. 

Enhances the appearance of your face

Did you know that having missing teeth can affect the shape of your face? Tooth roots stimulate the bone cells in your jawbone, and without this stimulation, the jawbone starts to deteriorate. Severe jawbone deterioration can lead to facial collapse. 

Thankfully, bridges add support to the facial features, reducing the appearance of gaunt or sunken-in cheeks and improving the overall appearance of your face.  

Prevents teeth from shifting

Your teeth are held in place by strong roots and the surrounding teeth, so when you lose a tooth, the remaining teeth start to shift. Teeth that move too much become loose themselves, and may lead to further tooth loss. Bridges are a good way to prevent shifting teeth and help preserve the remaining teeth. 

Am I a candidate for dental bridges?

In general, patients who are missing one or more consecutive teeth may be candidates for a dental bridge. If you have periodontal disease, it should be treated before moving ahead with any restorative procedure. Since a bridge is anchored to surrounding teeth, those teeth must be structurally sound in addition to being free from dental decay.

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