The perfect smile begins at infancy. When babies start teething, they will start biting on anything they can get their hands on. This is the first experience that a child may have with their teeth. Qualified dentists that are accustomed to working with children can help nurture a perfect smile as soon as they start developing teeth or from the age of 3.

The first dental appointment should be around the age of 3 or as soon as they have a set of teeth. Dental care, however, starts much earlier just to get the baby used to have their mouth cleaned. A  child’s primary teeth are already present in the jaws at birth and typically begin to appear between the ages of 6 months and one year old. Taking care of your child’s teeth from the get-go is a healthy foundation for a perfect smile.

What makes a great smile?

A healthy smile is a perfect smile, especially when it comes to young children. Although the teeth have the greatest influence on the appearance of the smile, they are other aspects of your facial features that make up a beautiful smile. Teeth ordinarily start to come in around six months. Most children will visit the dentist by the time they reach a year old. Your baby’s gums will typically become sore and uncomfortable during teething making then very irritable. We can recommend relief by using a chilled teething ring and by wiping the gums with a cold washcloth before and after meals.

The shape of your lips, healthy and well-shaped gums, and symmetry all contribute to a uniquely perfect smile. This will develop naturally as your child matures into their looks. Cosmetic dentistry creates attractive smiles that function in a state of health, but it is not always necessary if parents and guardians introduce dental care and confidence early.

Tips to help children keep a perfect smile

  • Lead by example
  • Choose a dentist that you and your family will like and trust
  • Take them to the dentist regularly
  • Remind them to brush
  • Encourage them to brush at school
  • Teach the importance of flossing
  • If they are going to drink soda, have them use a straw
  • Reward healthy habits
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