There is a lot to look forward to during the holidays—Time with family, Christmas parties, time off from work, presents, and delicious food. The December holidays are usually an excuse to indulge and spoil yourself with all the wonderfully tasty treats you can handle. These indulgences are enough to keep you smiling from ear to ear. That’s why you have to take care of your smile. Here are five holiday tips for a smile-friendly season.

1. Love Your Teeth

How do you love your teeth? Only use them to eat and smile! They are not tools. Don’t use them to open a packet of chips, crack open a nut, open bottles, etc. This type of activity can weaken the tooth enamel and create delicate edges on your teeth which can lead to cracking and breaking.

2. Book your Checkup

The holidays are hectic, so make sure your teeth are in tip-top shape before they start! Schedule a checkup, and we’ll be able to prevent any painful dental problems before your Christmas parties!

3. Get a Whitening Treatment

With the number of pictures taken over the festive season, you want to make sure you look your best. Give yourself the gift of a whiter, brighter smile! Contact HBDS today to schedule an appointment!

4. Avoid Drinks and Food That Stain

Dark drinks like coffee and wine, along with certain foods like cranberry sauce, can leave your enamel looking dull. Skip stain-causing foods and beverages or book a cleaning at HBDS afterwards.

5. Replace your metal fillings

There’s no time like the present! Metal fillings are typically composed of Mercury – a toxic metal that can cause health problems. Replacing your metal fillings with a tooth-coloured, amalgam option not only looks better – it’s healthier too!

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