Looking inside someone’s mouth, dentists can learn a lot! We get clues about your diet, how you sleep, and whether you suffer from acid reflux.

Acid Reflux Is Very Common

Acid reflux is pretty common in adults over the age of 20. It is a condition where stomach acid leaks up into the oesophagus, creating heartburn or regurgitation. It can go unnoticed as the symptoms are not always very severe.

Most People Don’t Realize The Potential Effects On Teeth

If you suffer from acid reflux, there may be more damage than you realize. Frequent or severe reflux can reach your mouth—and your teeth, which leads to enamel erosion. Although several conditions can cause these symptoms, acid reflux is certainly one of them. Typical symptoms of Acid Reflux include:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Unexplained pain or irritation in your mouth
  • Noticeable thinning or shortening of teeth
  • Darkening of your teeth


5 Things You Can Do To Help Protect Your Smile from Acid Reflux

If you grapple with acid reflux, here are things you can do to protect your smile:

  1. Treat your acid reflux disease! Take this condition seriously. See your doctor for recommendations and medications to keep your acid reflux under control.
  2. Make dietary changes. Curb acidic foods and drinks like soft drinks, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, etc.
  3. Flush your mouth with water after reflux episodes. Don’t let the acids lie on your teeth. Rinsing will wash the acid away and help prevent further damage.
  4. Wait an hour after reflux to brush your teeth. Exposure to acid can briefly weaken enamel. Brushing your teeth immediately after reflux can be abrasive and may hurt your enamel more.
  5. Keep your mouth moist and fresh. Chew sugarless gum, and suck on lozenges or candies. If you use antacids, look for sugar-free options and rinse after consuming.
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