The mouth certainly is a sophisticated environment. Between the significant force created by the structures and acid regulation that takes place, the teeth sure do take a beating! Below are some common reasons for deteriorating tooth structure without decay being a factor.

Grinding wear

While we undoubtedly grind our teeth during the day, most grinding damage gets done while we are sleeping. While we sleep, we produce more force on the teeth from the jaw. Ever notice the flattening in teeth? It’s the result of grinding. Once enough tooth structure is worn away, you’ll see the shape of the teeth changing. Coupled with clenching, this will not only wear the teeth but also cause of teeth fractures which require crowns.


Typically caused by brushing the teeth too hard, with a back and forth motion or too firm of a toothbrush. Abrasion usually happens when you brush with a heavier hand and fresh toothpaste. The most common first offending site is the upper left side.


Caused by weighty chronic forces, Abfraction is when microscopic flecks of enamel and root structure get forced away from the tooth surface.


There are many causes of acid erosion, such as soda-drinking, bulimia and acid reflux (GERD or silent GERD). A highly acidic oral environment will cause all of the wear conditions mentioned above to happen at an expedited pace. Erosion will also increase your chances of developing sensitive teeth.

All of these conditions are controllable and repairable, but best of all; We can pre-empt and prevent future wear with intervention-the earlier the better! You can protect your teeth from excessive forces by merely wearing a nightguard. To battle the erosion, you can change your diet or treat acid reflux which will make your oesophagus much happier too.

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