Drinks like iced coffee, fruit juices, energy drinks, and soft drinks contribute significantly to the staining, decay and erosion of the teeth. Sipping these beverages through a straw can protect your teeth.

How drinks damage your teeth

  • Staining – Strongly pigmented beverages, such as berry smoothies, coffee and red wine, can stain teeth. 
  • Decay – Your drinking habits can be apparent just by looking inside your mouth. For some people, it’s the back molars that get decayed because of swishing and letting soft drinks sit in their mouths before swallowing. For those who sip on soft drinks throughout the day, decay may be more evident in the front teeth. 
  • Sensitivity – Reducing the opportunities for sugar and acid to erode your enamel helps to protect it against the sensitivity caused by erosion and decay. 

Is Your Straw Positioned Correctly?

Get into the habit of positioning your straw at the back of your mouth. This way, drinks have minimal exposure to your teeth. You can further lessen the harmful effects by:

  • Swallowing your drinks immediately and not swishing beverages around in your mouth.
  •  Have a drink and rinse your mouth – don’t slowly sip on drinks all day.
  • Consume water, sugarless gum, or celery after a harmful beverage.

Be Environmentally Sensitive – Use sustainable straws!

Plastic straws wreak havoc on the planet so be sure to opt for an environmentally friendly alternative. Paper straws are biodegradable, so they’re the best option. You can also purchase a reusable metal straw and keep it with you so that you’re never stuck without a straw when you need one. Just be careful using metal straws as they could damage the teeth if you accidentally bite down on them or bump them.

Don’t rely on straws to do all the work

Practice healthy eating habits and brush your teeth in the morning and at night, and don’t forget to floss! Keep your regularly scheduled appointments, and if you have questions about staining, decay or sensitivity give us a call! 

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